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Full Moon Rune Reading February 2021


Situation – Elhaz

Rune: protection, defense, opportunity.

Elhaz is the rune of defense and protection. Its shape is said to represent both the elk, with its imposing antlers, and the sedge plant, whose sharp leaves act as natural protection from would-be predators. Drawing Elhaz indicates that you are safe from danger and that there is no need to fear. However, don’t take the protective energy for granted by being reckless with your actions, as this rune does not mean that there is no danger present whatsoever. It simply means that as long as you remain alert and clear-minded and in touch with your intuition, you are headed for a positive outcome. Elhaz has also been interpreted as a symbol of reaching up to connect with the divine for support. By listening to your higher guidance, you will know which moves to make to stay out of harm’s way.

Past Influence – Ehwaz

Rune: : Partnership, trust, loyalty, cooperation, motion, unknown Journey, beneficial balance, twin forces

Imagine a horse and rider coming together. If the relationship is one of mutual respect, then both the horse and rider find themselves at their destination faster and with more precision than if they were on their own. Now, if the horse doesn’t respond to the rider or the rider abuses the horse, the principle of Ehwaz is out of balance and needs to be addressed; in this instance, the horse and rider should never have come together in the first place. Together, with mutual respect, the horse and rider are stronger.

Earth Element – Othala rev

Element: manifestation, strong, stability, create, meditation, daily practice, action, physical world.

Earth represents the things that you make real in the phenomenal world. Earth is commonly referred to in myth as Mother Earth – the bringer of life who nurtures the child. The child is symbolic of the creation you manifest through thoughts and actions. Ordeals of Earth relate to the physical world, worries that are holding you back, tasks and events that are weighing you down or obstructing your path. People that are preventing you from achieving your goal. But these types of ordeals are purely tests to determine whether you can move to the next level of consciousness. They test your perseverance and ability to overcome hurdles.

Rune: Family, ancestors, ancestry, heritage, inheritance

It is a rune that demonstrates that we are responsible for our heritage, both that which we inherit and that which we pass down. Drawing Othala may indicate that an aspect of your current situation is related to your background—perhaps unconscious beliefs you absorbed as a child, or some other element that shaped your upbringing. More generally, the reversed position indicates a feeling of being alone, isolated from family and/or community, without connection to your current dwelling place or advising you to avoid “rocking the boat” by breaking major family or cultural taboos at this time.

Water Element –Berkana rev

Element: receptivity, imagining, inspiration, spiritual, perception

This Element symbolizes an inner state of receptivity in which Higher Powers can communicate to you and channel their energies through you. Water consciousness uses the same faculty that we use when we imagine, but uses it in a much more disciplined fashion. Water consciousness uses the same faculty that we use when we imagine, but uses it in a much more disciplined fashion. A state of inner waiting for "other things" to emerge spontaneously, while concentrating on preselected imagery, is the essence of the magical.

Rune: birth, family growth, new beginnings, regeneration

In the reverse position, Berkana points to stagnation and obstacles to beginning something new. Depending on the context, it may indicate trouble conceiving or issues with pregnancy, or with getting a new enterprise off the ground. The advice here is to keep an open mind, and perhaps reexamine the motives behind your actions. But don’t block yourself off to new possibilities by focusing on things you can’t change. Focus your energy where you can be productive, and give the intractable problems a rest.

Air Element – Uruz

Element: intellectual, knowledge of magic, communication, quick thinking.

Air rules all forms of communication because, in an airless void, no speech can be heard. Even written words are indecipherable lines and squiggles on paper unless you have the knowledge (Air) required to read them. there are many situations that call for quick thinking and good problem solving skills. Air is the knowledge that motivates, informs and infuses activity with direction.

Rune: strength, health, power, energy, endurance, creative force

In contrast to the domesticated cattle symbolized by Fehu, the second rune of the Elder Futhark represents the aurochs—the wild, fierce European ox of centuries past. This raw strength and power are at the heart of the meaning of Uruz. Physical strength can be indicated, but emotional and spiritual strength are just as likely to be emphasized here. If you are facing challenges, Uruz is a reminder that you have the strength to persevere, as well as to defend yourself from adversaries. If you are pursuing a dream, this rune suggests that there is enough momentum behind you to bring it into manifested form. Summon your connection to divine energy and trust that you will be guided to channel your personal power toward a positive outcome.

Fire Element – Eihwaz

Element: aware, awake, primal, spiritual, transformation, higher powers

In Fire consciousness, you are dreaming, but you are wide-awake at the same time, and therefore able to interact purposefully with the things you are experiencing. When the Fire energies are awakened, it is as though a switch has been flipped to the "on" position. Contact is made between yourself and a different dimension of reality, and a powerful current begins to flow.

Rune: death, regeneration, rebirth, changes, magic

Eihwaz represents the yew tree, making it symbolic of both death and regeneration. The yew is a highly toxic plant to humans and livestock, and poisons made from the tree were used for both murder and suicide in ancient times. However, yew is also considered a tree of life, due to its evergreen nature and its extreme longevity—a wild yew tree can live for thousands of years. Eihwaz doesn’t indicate literal death, but rather an ending that will lead to a new beginning. If things seem to be at a halt, be patient. You are being asked to allow an old situation to fall away, so that new developments can come into your life. Alternatively, you may be experiencing a metaphorical “death” in the form of leaving behind old ways, allowing old aspects of yourself to die away now that they are no longer serving you. Don’t resist the changes that are underway—rather, learn to “go with the flow” and be flexible. You may not be able to see it now, but what you are currently dealing with is paving the way for a new and improved situation.

Fifth Element & Future Augurs - Dagaz

Element: awen, aether, spirit, aware, knowledge, intuition

The fifth element embodies all other four elements and in ancient manuscripts symbolises the psychological and emotional qualities we have to adopt in order to develop our understanding of life. By mastering the four elements in your emotions and actions, the fifth element emerges in your conscious mind and automatically takes control of any situation. For example, if you find yourself confronted with antagonism, you will not become angry or aggressive yourself. You will have learned to control your fire by dowsing it with water and going with the flow without negative attitudes affecting you.

Rune: daylight, success, hope, breakthrough, transformation, balance

Dagaz is the rune of daylight and is considered a very beneficial sign in any reading. Dagaz is associated with the contrasting blessing of midsummer, when the days are long and the Sun is at its height of power. Dagaz is also known as the “dawn rune,” and as such represents new hope, and an emerging from darkness into light. You may have recently undergone a “dark night” on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level, and are now able to greet the new day with a hard-won clarity and confidence. Whatever the case, spiritual development and advancement are indicated here. Divine light is guiding you along your path and you are making steady progress.

Conclusion: What the Runes Read

This months reading situation is under the influences of Elhaz this is a rune about protection or oppertunity as well as the past influence of Ehwaz which is about partnership and balance.

The situation you find yourself in this month could be about whether your relationships either personal or work or motivations of dreams could come into play.

The Earth Element rune says that what you create this month is about family or family projects and the Water element signifies that there are obstacles to this new endeavour which have to be addressed as they are playing on your mind.

The Air Element dictates that this could be a time to fullfil those dreams or relationships. As the augurs are well for this plan of yours.

The Fire Element says that regeneration or rebirth is on the cards for this particular plan. It may be the end of an old agenda which could lead to a whole new outlook of a better plan for yourself and that the Gods look favourably at this new plan.

The Fith Element and Future Augurs say that after a period of hardship you will enter into a better place than you were before

In conclusion It seems the runes are saying that for those of you who were under a bad time then times are getting better but it will take a plan of action to achieve this. You must look to your family and friends for support in getting out of the hell you were in and that that plan you were thinking of could very well be exactly what you were needing at this moment in time

Therefore this is a could time to start a new relationship with whatever was worrying you whether its a new partner or a new buisiness enterprise.