The Prophecy of The Seer

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The Prophecy of The Gods - Seer Prophecy of Raven Bloodstone
The War of The Apocalypse - Psychill Psybient Vol 3 - Raven Bloodstone
In the not too distant future, the Western Establishment will make their move to roll out the Vision Implant & depopulate the earth.
This will lead to a resistance movement that will fight back against the sick psychopaths that want to wipe out our way of life.
Out of the ashes of the revolution we will build a Utopia.
Resist the Implant
A Saor Earth
The Undead Apocalypse Vol 3 - The Psybient Tales - Raven Bloodstone
How will the sick bloodsucking vampires in the Western Establishment depopulate our world. Will they use food shortages or a virus pandemic.
The people need to be aware of the hidden agenda behind some of the news stories as well as whats happening in your own areas.
Only an awake and aware population can stop the sick psychopaths from committing mass genocide on a planetary scale.
A Saor Earth
Seer Vision 09-08-2022 - Vision of The Underworld (Hell) - Raven Bloodstone
Audio Of A Recorded Seer Shamanic Journey of a vision of The Underworld. Mentored by Raven's three Aes Sidhe Spirit Guides, Raven encountered Demons & Technology down there in an ominously dark vision.
Raven Bloodstone - Seer Vision 26 12 2021